Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Are all bus drivers bloody stupid?

Since Jodie is traveling to Eindhoven every day, we of course had to sort out some kind of discount ticket to allow her to travel. The Dutch system seems a little odd, in that the main discount ticket you buy to get your around on the train, isn't actually any use for someone under 18 traveling to school.

So we had to buy a combined train/bus ticket for Jodie, which last a month and is extremely expensive at around €350 per month.

This morning though Jodie, on her second day using the ticket, called home, it seems she has the wrong Zone on her bus part of the ticket...ok clearly some cock up, but the drivers actions are incredible.

He fined her €37
WHAT??? She's carrying a €350 ticket, which indicates that a ticket was indeed bought for school travel, is clearly going to school, and he fines her?

Ah but there's more...

He then chucked her off the bus!!!

So a school girl, foreign, on her way to school with an expensive ticket, (though clearly mistakenly wrong) and no idea how to get around is kicked off the bus?

What kind of jobs worth does this?

I intend to make a very very strong complaint to the bus company when Jodie comes home with that fine notice, I hope the management agree with me, and this idiot is severely reprimanded, this is a shocking way to deal with a situation that only needed them to explain the error so we could go to the train station and speak to the cashier who sold us the ticket. She was given clear instructions as to where she'd be travelling each day, so the fault for the error is theirs and I expect it resolved.

But that driver.....I thought I'd left moronic behavior like that behind in the UK.


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