Friday, 15 February 2013

More Man flu

Had a nice sunday roast dinner last weekend, though our portuguese friends didn't entierly understand the concept of a 3 oclock dinner and turned up nearer 4 having already eaten lunch...hmmm Lamb was ruined as it went cold waiting.....oh well.

But the point really was to have my friends who had recently become parents round to show off thier babies, and get the lastest news on the new methods of raising babies which raised some eyebrows, but hey ho, everyone does it their own way.  No more sterilising however seems a bit strange to me but seems thats the way it is now. Brenda got quite broody, I didn't :D But its nice to see babies Martins little girl is so like her dad its scary, quite unearving holding a miniture of a 6 foot+ bald scouser. I'm sure she'll turn out to be a beauty like her mum though.

Unfortunately one of them (Martin) brought a nice cold for me to incubate for a few days and have hit mid week, with the result that half my holiday has been spent wrapped up on the couch sniffing and coughing...I have a few more days to go, lets hope the dreaded chest infections I've had the last few colds don't take root.

My wrist has not improved, in fact its got quite a bit worse, due to being ill I've not picked up a guitar for a few days, when I did today, I just couldn't play it without pain....back to the docs I fear and some tests to see if this can be fixed.

Going to get drunk now, since I've run out of Lemsips....every little helps.


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