Tuesday, 5 February 2013

phhhhtttttt phhhhhttttt phhhhhhhhhhtttt

Wrist is still mega painful...I have made a point of not overusing it and stopped marking the WSAD based  projects last week,  though I have had to complete them today so am basically in massive agony as I clear up the last of them...its not ideal but I can't let grades wait too long as I have done in the past, so injury or not I am slowly clearing up the last few.

Also had Starrcase band practice last night, wrist was fine while playing, holding a gutar neck does not put any undue twisting strain on it, though my solo's were terrible as I was reluctant to make big streatches,  but I did hurt it lifting cases and boxes ...strapped up right after but was in pain last night and started popping pills....ibuprofen seems ok for now.

I am now pretty sure this isn't a strain and am getting a bit worried if this is something more severe.
Fortunately once this marking is finished I have nothing much to do for work for the rest of the week and next week is Carnival hols so I'm going to push through this marking, and then keep my wrist immobile for as long as I can..including guitar :(



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