Friday, 1 November 2013

I'm a hit

Well here's 2 things I am incredibly proud of today

1st I am now a no.1 recording artist. My version of Tower of Song got to no.1 in the charts blues...cover... fat blokes nearing 50.. section.

I think that's pretty good even if it only needs 5-10 listens to get there...I have a screen shot to prove it and I'm happy as fuck about it.

The other thing I am incredibly proud of is the new music room I set up at work for students (and staff) to play in. It was a fair bit of hassle and I donated some of my own kit to get it going but the result has been amazing. IGAD and IMEM students have been streaming in to try it out and slowly students are forming small groups and jamming intended. It was so cool to watch this grow and the comments back from students have been incredibly uplifting.

Can't wait to hear the 1st performances from them. I'm hoping to arrange a couple of showcase nights each year so they can get up in front of people and perform. Job Done!


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Anonymous said...

Well done!