Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Off Limits to students

I can't really stop students finding this, after all it is a blog, but really its not going to be that much interest to those I know as students, aside from moaning about work load,  and marking, there's not much work related stuff. Its quite a personal blog I post for a range of different reasons...

I've become more and more concerned about my private blog being available to students who decide to do a bit of a google..moreso since googling my name brings this up as no1 answer...the price of fame.

But I don't really want to close down this blog as it gives me something to look back on and review life events and good and bad times...which we all have...though I find posting them for everyone to read strangely cathartic..
So unless someone actually abuses the info I put on here, I will take it on the chin and keep posoting.

If your looking for some help with coding issues....check the links on the right...

If you want to know why I was grumpy in class....then I might post here ;)

otherwise...get back to work..and research the physics of Pang...you'll regret it later if  you don't


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