Wednesday, 24 September 2014


No I don't know how either

but still 3kg in a month is good....its all so far down to just not shoveling pies down my face, no snacks, cutting out sugar and avoiding treats... I still eat normal lunch and dinner meals, just choosing healthy when possible, also we were pretty broke after GC so we ate a lot of cheap was not always exciting to eat but it filled a hole and clearly helped.

I have not been to the gym yet (lol) but I do have a genuine reason.

Stop laughing, I do.

As I noted in a previous post, I've got some nerve damage in my arm, maybe neck surgery related  or a strain, but either way I have brachial neuralgia, which is basically sciatica in your arm which gives a fairly constant level of discomfort at points on my arm and a weakening...I can't even open a jar of pickles any more....the ignominy of asking Brenda to do it will never leave me :(

I've been hoping it would settle down and go away but it got a lot worse, and I had a couple of very severe pain attacks from my neck down to my little finger that left me speechless with pain.

So had to go see the doc..she was very helpful.
Got some pills, been taking them.
Not noticed a massive difference, in the levels on constant pain, though the "arggh please cut my arm off now", kind of pains have not re-occurred so maybe it is working.. So the oxycontin the doc gave me just in case, has not been was THAT bad.

I will go back to the docs next week to follow up, and possibly go see the sadist Chinese massage woman in town who did my feet, to see if she can loosen up the neck and shoulder muscles..while gleefully watching me cry like a baby no doubt.


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