Friday, 26 September 2014

Beat Buddy on the way

After being stuck in Hong Kong for a week, my Beat Buddy is finally on its way

I've been waiting over 9 months for this little beauty to come, it started out as a crowdfunding idea

Way back in December and I immediately knew this was a great gadget to have, and signed up,  I still worry that the bigger companies will realise the awesomeness of this, but no matter. The team at BeatBuddy have managed to see this through, and despite a hiccup at the customs in Hong Kong its finally on its way. Wonderful to see that something which was so passionately put forward, has actually become a reality.

I just hope that it plays nice with my RC-300, traditionally RC's don't like to midi sync with other units, but that's kinda essential....but if doesn't I do have other loop systems I can use.

It should be here next week, as soon as I get it I will be trying it out on my loops, and see how it does..

Vids will follow.


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