Thursday, 18 September 2014

Neightbours DIY starts at 8, prevents drowning of sorrows sleep

So we moved to the back room of the house to reduce our disturbance from the roadworks from hell, and surprisingly it worked very well, we were not woken up at 7am.
But it seems there is also an 8 in the morning as well, which I have discovered because a neighbor a few doors down has decided that's a good time to start using power tools on the wall, I assume a sander.
A few doors down shouldn't matter but since it vibrates right through the structure, we get it a nice loud buzz at 8am.

thanks neighbor, thanks a lot

I sold None More Black yesterday, to a nice Chinese guy who's into Metal....she's gone to a good home, but I will miss her.
I spent a few hours  cleaning her up and giving her a good well as putting some funny black strings on her and couldn't resist a post clean noodle...ah the strings were strange but she sounded great...why oh why had I not spent more time with her. 
He didn't want the strap though, as he had plenty, so I'm left with a sad reminder of a great guitar that I never really spent enough time with...a few drinks were had in her memory last night. sob.

But on the plus side, the dire financial situation we found ourselves in after the GC holiday has been significantly reduced so we can buy steak again...hurrah.
I will however be continuing the guitar cull, there's still a few guitars that need to go, but no rush.


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