Monday, 3 November 2014

Coding catchup, and time for bifocals

Marking is going ok, still takes a lot longer than I want it to, I got fed up with students demanding their 1st homework grades, so after I did them I decided not to give them...They need to realise grades are not as important as their actual assignments they'll get their grades when I have finished the 2nd assignments, then have to start grading the final assignments...they better be good.

Also doing a bit of coding on other things, my own projects and learning new PS4 stuff, lot of work...I have to do a course next block that I've never taught before, so have to do a shed load of revision. I know the material, but its far away from being something I specialise in but it is daunting but fun.

Age is catching up with me so fast now, 51 in a few months and everything aches, creaks, or is misfiring. Knees, back, groin, the only thing that is not hurting at the moment is my shoulder..its probably taking a rest before coming back with a vengeance.

My eyesight is also becoming noticeably worse, we revamped the living room a few weeks ago, and now the TV is a full 2-3 feet further away, just far enough that I can't actually read the TV guides of program summaries,
So I have had to wear glasses, more often, when watching telly...its all nice and bright and sharp now :(
Trouble is I can't switch focus to things I am reading, or working on my looks like bifocals for me next time  go for an eyetest which I think I going to be soon.


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