Saturday, 29 November 2014


Tommy Emmanuel  was utterly incredible, I felt humbled and dazed at the mans talent, I know there are many great guitar players around, and I strongly truly believe that saying someone is better than someone else is a pointless exercise.....But, this man...this man,.is in a league of 1. He's so far ahead of the others the comparisons remain pointless...genius isn't good enough. He really is the Best Guitarist in the WORLD today.


I'm in two bands, Starrcase is the school band made up mainly of NHTV teachers and partners, and we do fairly regular gigs at school events. But also I am in another band, my friends the Gadgeteers... our progress to gigging has been a more labored process as we struggle to find a sound/genre we all agree with so we've only really played for family and friends, but we had our 1st proper pub gig this month, it went pretty well!
We have some video I am going to edit together mainly to remove my shocking backing vocals...but it did actually go well. We learned a lot, made a few mistakes and got great feedback that we can hopefully use to take us to new levels.. The Gadgeteers are coming, to a small backyard pub near you.

And marking hell is upon always, has taken almost all my work and spare time...and I've got some more to do, so hence the lack of an update.

Time for some guitar playing then I can get up early for more marking.


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