Sunday, 4 June 2017

Horrible times

Less than 2 weeks ago, I was in the UK, staying for a while in Southwark, right next to London Bridge,  and visited and ate in the Borough Market, walked over London Bridge, like so many other tourists.
I went to Manchester, to Victoria Station to change trams to get to Rochdale.

Hearing about the bombs in Manchester happening as I was passing through, and last night the terror attacks in London, on the streets I walked through and sat and ate, it makes you pause...anyone can be a victim of these nutters. Even safe and sound back in NL I'm troubled that no one is ever safe from madmen who want to harm you, its only accidents of timing and location that keep you safe.

Horrible times we live in, I doubt I'll live to see the end of these kinds of acts of violence justified by twisted religious morality.  We need to make the right start for future generations and take away the immoral justifications, starting with religion. Why do we still make excuses for it? It is without question the greatest evil humanity has ever produced.

Its not that I'm against Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, or any of the countless other beliefs and their practitioners, I recognize the supposed need and real comfort they give people, but they are fictions, being used as facts. Its delusion on a unimaginable scale.
If we stopped presenting them as facts to our children and let them question and refuse religion, we'd end so much of the hate that is used to divide us. It might take a couple of generations but getting people to stop brainwashing kids to believe that an invisible  sky fairy is looking after us and only us because we live the right way, is one thing we can do to make a better world.

Teach our children that they are responsible for all the worlds good and evil things and pretty soon they will want to make things better, not transform it into their idea of heaven on earth. Morality isn't religion's gift, its humanity's.

There is no afterlife, there are no rewards or punishments for the life you lead, there are no gods....lets just make the world better for us and our children and enjoy your time.


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