Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sorry mum!

I did promise to keep this blog up to date more, but things have been quite hectic this month, work, family, work again.

But...we are all slowly starting to settling into life as a family again. Jodie is beginning to exhibit the 1st small signs of rejoining the human race, starting to make friends at her new school and exploring the sights and sounds of Eindhoven and Breda.

Bina and I are loving the freedom living here gives us, not just in terms of our day job work load just being able to walk the dog in the park without fear of intimidation or stress. Cafe culture is definitly suiting us.

The apartment is filling up, more shelves, chestofdrawers and other cubby holes are appearing daily as more and more boxes get unpacked. TV's are plugged in, don't even ask about the hassle I had trying to get Jodie's TV to work (no socket in her room). I had to go out and buy a DVD recorder so that I could get a scart output to use a transmitter system I brought over with me.

Was just planning to buy a simple VCR to do it, but these are not so easy to get hold of now, so a HDD DVD recorder was the next best thing..Bloody noisy thing though, dirty great big fan inside cooling the system...I used to build silent PC's for fun, there's no excuse for such a noisy bit of kit.

Both Jodie and Bina and I, have been out to concerts in town (not the same ones I hasten to add) and we're just loving it, so easy to just go out and have fun.

Work wise...oh boy have I been busy, the DS project is in the home straight now so its been constant late nights, especially in the run up to E3 trying to get a demo done for the show. Slightly less pressure now thats done but we're all trying to get it knocked on the head so we can enjoy the summer.

Speaking of Summer...the weather is stunning, for the last 3 weeks we've had pretty much constant sunshine with only a few cloudbursts to speak of to keep the grass green.

But last week we did have one almighty storm at 4am (I was working) that I watched coming from miles and miles away as the lighting was constantly flashing. Stunning to stand on the balcony and feel the air pressure drop before rising into an incredible near hurricane force gale with sheets of rain which eventually forced me inside soaking wet. Only lasted 20mins or so but it was quite impressive.
I tried to take pics/video on my phone but the phone simply would not record...Don't by an LG Shine...rubbish!

Anyway..thats about it...will be mad busy for the next 2 weeks or so, so don't expect much but I'll try to update things as I go.


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