Monday, 21 February 2011


Didn't get the LC Les Paul, came close though and am hoping I get a 2nd chance offer if the winner backs out, as they often do on ebay....otherwise its not going to happen this time round. I'm just not confident that other one is genuine. Not to worry, going to get the Mighty Dark Fire up and running again soon its probably able to do a pretty mean PG impression with the right set up.

Not much else to report really, am up late due to a couple of very long sleep ins disrupting my sleep pattern, an early morning tomorrow will kick that back into sync.

Feeling good though, about life in general, happy pills doing their job quite well, and things in general not being quite so stressed. Finished my mountain, and I do mean a mountain of marking, which means aside from 1 lecture I have to give this week I basically have 2 months to please myself, working on a new PS3 course I want to present next year.

I am even getting close to having a proper yawn for the 1st time since last April. Here's hoping I manage it before I celebrate the anniversary of the surgery that stopped me yawning.


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