Thursday, 3 February 2011


Is that even a real word? I keep hearing it on Jodies MTV reality shows....

Anyway, at last nights jam/rehearsal we actually sounded quite musical, myself playing rhythm guitar, along with 2 far superiour heavy metal guitarists out-twiddling each other on lead, and a jazzy singer, as well as a nice steady drummer. Sadly we had no bass player, but we did manage to exhibit a certin degree of musicality which surprised us all. We did an awesome version of Back in Black which was quite different to the original, and a passible version of Tribute (Tenacious D), Whole Lotta Rosie was a bit hit and miss though. Lets hope we can repeat the good bits in front of out friends and collegues (gulp..)

The Ovation arrived today, (they had left off part of the postcode which is why it took an extra day) and it is lovely, simple, plain and straightforward. I had a bit of a twiddle before heading to the office, going to have a proper fiddle about with it after work and continue my practice for tomorrow's public jam. I'll have to have a play around to see how to get the best acoustic and electric sounds out of it.

Feels very much like a combination guitar, light with a thick neck but low action and fast like an electric...neither one thing nor the other but nice to play.

Fed straight into my Marshall it was kinda hard to hear much difference between acoustic and leccy, apart fron some damping on the sustain, In fairness though the Marshall is overdriven so will kill any acoustic tone anyway, so will try the stereo amp settings to feed it through a clean acoustic setting and see if there's more of a difference.

Edit..yes, the best results come from having her plugged into 2 amps, one set as a clean acoustic and the other standard electric..Pushing the mixed acoustic signal in a mono setup, provides many very interesting tone variations but nothing that sounds all that acoustic. Once you have the twin amps up though you can switch between clean clear acoustic and heavy Electric with ease...Nice. My DF does something similar but is a bit more complex to set up in its acoustic mode, this is simple plug and go and I like that a lot.


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