Friday, 18 February 2011

hmmmm and hmmm again

Another dodgy rare Gibbo here A converted LP Faded Standard by CV Guitars.

0 feedback seller, who is happy to answer questions about delivery but not so happy to respond to mails asking for pics...and the pics there are from the CV guitars site lifted'd think if you are going to sell something worth 1500-2K you would put some original pics up and respond to requests...All a bit suss.

There's another genuine one on ebay though which I am going to have a bid on, Peter Green is one of my idols and his tone is almost impossible to recreate without a modified Gibson '59 standard, which PG used then later gave/sold to Gary Moore who made full use of it, I'd love to have one...only they cost about $1M now...gulp

The CV mod versions though are incredibly close to the '59's and are collectors guitars in their own right which are growing in value. So I am on a mission to buy the 1st one I can afford, even if I have to flog a couple of my other Gibsons to do it.

Now where did I put my camera, I got some guitars to put on ebay, need to make space for some new arrivals.


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