Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Well duh!

Up to now I've really liked working with Windows 7, its fast,easy and has not given me any issues at all. But becuase I have a fairly small SSD drive on my C: boot, I have to be careful not to put to much stuff on there...
Last night I ran out of room..ho hum, time to move thngs around, then I noticed an option to compress the drive..Given its an SSD this would not cause any signigicant delays, indeed it could even speed things up, so I checked it went...and promptly complained that it couldn't continue because some files were in use..grrr

ok fine, back to cleanup and so on...After which my Itunes got a bit stressed out becuase I moved its directory which I then replaced and had to do a reset...

ok.....then I get... BOOTMGR is compressed. press ALT-CTR-Delete to reset

arrghhhhhhhh stupid...why compress a file you can't uncompress to boot up.
Its now dead in the water unable to progress beyond that screen.

I need to dig out my windows DVD from somewhere to do a repair on it..its fixable but its a pain in the bloody backside....

Stoopid Microsoft, bloody Stoopid!!!!!


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