Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Almost done

This is my last week of the year for teaching, I have 3 classes to go, then a flurry of mad marking activity before....HOLIDAYS.

I've had a busy year, aside from the 3rd block (when I had nothing to do) and it’s been great, better of course than last year (let’s be honest last year could not have been much worse)

As a fully fledged academic I now look forward to 6 or 7 weeks of downtime, where I won't actually be down...rather I plan to formalise some of my lesson, as I tend to rehash them as I go...It’s time for some more detailed work to be done during the summer to make sure I don't have to re-do things at the last minute, something I have been guilty of this year due to a lack of summer break as such last year.

Going to be an interesting year next year... It looks more and more likely it'll just be me and Bina at home. Jodie is considering going to the UK to do A levels rather than take higher education in Holland. I have very mixed feelings about this, Jodies progress here has been remarkable, she's turned around so much from the horrible child I talked about on this blog before she came over.
Yes part of it is maturity, but a lot also has to do with the environment she's been exposed to and the school we sent her to. I would like that to continue but after an absurd amount of dilly dallying and indecision her dad finally said he would let her stay with him if she wanted. So she's been pondering her options.

I have resisted giving Jodie any opinion on this, other than stressing the importance of making the right decision for her future, rather than taking a perceived easy route. A levels are not easy, and I worry that the break in her education will do more harm than good. But it’s important that she make the choice, and even if I don't agree I will support that.

But on the plus side, not forking out nearly €900 for her schooling and travel every month will mean some welcome financial benefits that Bina and I can certainly work out how to use. I can see a few more nice evenings out on the horizon....maybe a guitar or 2 ;)

Interesting times....but 1st up, Holidays, Bina's favourite subject, after targetting Greece and a few other places, a short tour of middle Europe by car is the current plan....should be fun.

oh wait I better get all that marking done 1st.


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