Saturday, 18 June 2011

What a great night

Myself and 2 collegues, Ken on Bass/guitar and Robbie on drums/bass, had a grown up jam session last night at the Mezz...IT WAS AWESOME.

For the 1st time I can honestly say I felt comfortable and in control of what I was playing, even if I lost the key a few times it was really cool.
I took Gracie, my Ovation VXT and my Fender G-Dec amp so I could play her as acoustic and lead as needed and it worked brilliantly.

Less is definitely more and playing to my strengths of feel and tone rather than speed and rythymn really paid off. We totally rocked at times sounding really brilliant. Even if we often had no clue what we were playing, it just sounded great.

Sadly Ken, who is a very accomplished and supportive musician, who shouted out chord changes as needed, helped with keys and covered up my mistakes with his excellent bass, is leaving us for Abu Dhabi next month, so there's going to be few chances to repeat this awesome night. But we're going to try again next week.

Can't wait!!


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