Tuesday, 28 June 2011

more, not for music lovers.

I'm not over the moon about posting this, but I will, as a 1st try at something different and it was a first try, despite having a cool Digitech Jam-man loop pedal for over 2 years now, I really haven't used it much beyond playing back pre-sampled loops or recording a backing track, not using it to its full potential at all.

So I decided, after watching KT Tunstalls amazing solo version of Black Horse and the Cherry Tree using a loop, to dig it out and give it a bit of respect...Its a fairly simple thing to use but I didn't quite get it right and found myself looking down at my feet at times working out just when to hit the right pedal.

This was recorded in real time onto garage band, through my mixer, and I just wanted to see how it would come out...I messed up the play out though as I was looking at my pedal to try to see how to set the stop on next loop option, which it turned out I cant do while playing, and lost the thread of what I was playing...

Also at the start I messed up the overdub so it takes me a whle to get into the groove to add the staccato chords I wanted to layer into it..you can even hear me pushign pedals like mad and getting nothing back, since I had left the mike on.

In short, it takes too long to get going, and the solo ends very poorly...but..that said, the sound that my Lucille makes here in 3 different tone settings is ....hmmm yummy..I have to work on this a bit more when I have finished all my marking and have some dedicated time to spend on this...but here it is..

DON'T listen if you do actually enjoy music..this may scar you for life. If you want to see a loop pedal being used correctly, click on the video below.



Anonymous said...

Didn't sound too bad to me! You're getting better and better!

Boring old Fart said...

Nice of you to say so but it does have some fauols mainly caused by me looking down at my feet to work out what and when to press.

As a 1st try its not bad, I'm more pleased with the tone and feel of the playing rather than the actual componants of it...when I've got a bit mroe time later in the week I'll do a much better tighter version and may add some bass and drums as a multi track