Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Home recording........maybe

After discovering the joys of Garage band on my Mac Mini, I have rearranged my gear a bit to make more use of it, and finally have found a cool use for my Berhinger Mixer, (another of my impulse, that looks shiny what does it do, buys) I now have my PC, Mac, guitars effects and mics all hook up and in theory at least I can create music, the only probelem being drums, but I have lots of drum tracks for that.
A quick test with a couple of tracks has shown it to be fairly easy, though requiring practice. So I've given myself 3 practice my skills and make use of my gear.

Decent versions of
Placebo Pure Morning, which I almost have apart from that annoying clean riff.
Trace Bundy's version of Sweet Child O Mine...there's a reason for that..its awesome
Fleetwood Macs Jigsaw Puzzle Blues. I can just about play it and with a backing track it should be possible.

Once I get the school year over with prep work not withstanding, I intend to steel myself to this and see how well it works out...I will post progress reports here..again not likely to appeal to music lovers, but fun all the same.

There..I've said it, now I just have to do it....gulp.


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