Saturday, 10 March 2012

Beth Hart == AWESOMENESS^20

Went to the Beth Hart gig in Tilburg, bit upset at poor location we only managed to get into the upper balcony and really didn't get to see too much of the lady in question, a long way away from the stage with line of sight often blocked by tall dutchmem, next time we'll get in a bit earlier and camp at the front of the stage. We also had constant chatter all around from people who really should find some other ways to throw away 30euros, that really fucked me off.

But even so, what a show, what a singer, what a band...quite brilliant. They did a lot of the Don't Explain songs and had a 21yo lead guitarist doing the Bonamassa solos....brilliantly...and I do mean fucking brilliantly, quite a talent, sadly I didn't pick up his name due to constant chatter that drowned out much of Beths between song chat. Other songs I was only partly familiar with having only just discovered Ms Hart, but I'll be getting to know them a lot better in future.

If you get the chance...go see her..Amazing!

oh found the guitar players name Josh Gooch keep an ear out for him, he's going to be big one day, some of the stuff he did last week was amazing.


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