Sunday, 4 March 2012

Technology hates the old!

As someone who has made a life out of exploiting the use of technology I find my ever increasing inability to both understand and use it, frustrating

It seems more and more that every time I need to make use of technlogy for a simple task, that task becomes exponentially more difficult and takes far longer.

Take the simple act of copying a file to my flash bother you say..indeed, I would normally agree, except my flash key disageed in some way with my PC and while the two of them argued it out my PC locked up and the file took over 10 mins to copy..well I assume it copied, the light stopped flashing, but the PC was still in a sulk about apparently losing the argument. Only the removal of my key from the PC finally persuaded the PC to unlock...and of course reset.
2 mins or so later when it had finished rebooting, and I needed to log back into all my web based data systems....the file had not actually copied.


Pretty much every tech based task now seems to be fraught with difficulty, worry and stress...

I'm sure I have stumbled on the reason old people don't like technology....its because technology won't work for them...and I'm getting into that age where its all starting to go wrong..

oh and I think I have lumbago and my rhumatism is playing up.


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Anonymous said...

Windows has an annoying bug where it sometimes treats usb timeout errors as fatal errors, so if you're copying a large file to a usb disk it can time out and the pc thinks the disk has crashed or something. A more expensive usb pci card might do it less often, but I can't guarantee it.