Monday, 12 March 2012

Sinners Prayer

One of the slow numbers on Hart and Bonamassa's Don't Explain album, orginally by Ray Charles but his duet with BB King is a stand out version.

Anyway they played it at the BH concert and I managed to see how the guitarist played it. He did it with a slide which I can almost do but sounds terrible so I have managed to work out how to get close to that sound on the main riff without slide, armed with a close approximation of the drum beat on my Adrenalinn, this is my next music project, and its going to be video based...with me doing Bass, rhythm and lead...and ermm singing...maybe.. I did a test run over the weekend and mistakes aside it sounded watch this space.

My version is different, a little cleaner and technically less challenging of course, but I think it'll be good...not as good as this of course...


But good for me :)

I'm putting this on record to force myself to do it, since I start a lot of recording projects and give up or get caught up with another idea, but this one I have a good feeling about, the test sounded great and if I get to master the video sync it'll look and sound above average ;) Now to find a couple of spare days to play 4 parts without errors, on video, and then stick them in to Imovie....hmmm challenge accepted.


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