Saturday, 31 March 2012

Its not a guitar.....honest

Its a Bass

More specifically a handmade fretless Bass made by French lutheir Philippe Berne. Also more specifically, the 1st of her kind, a truly unique and lovely thing...which it seems no one else on ebay wanted as I got her 1st bid for a 1/4 of her retail was meant to be.

Ed our bassist plays an old EKO fretless Acoustic bass which sounds lovley though is very prone to feedback. I love the sound he gets from it though and as our sound moves towards a jazzy old school blues the fretless is prefect (in Ed's hands).

Since our Monday night practice and recording sessionstend to be just with me and Britta, though Ed is coming this week. I thought I'd find a nice fretless to compliment the tatty old Roberts Fretted bass for some of our practice sessions. Also if Ed's feedback problems don't reduce he can borrow it if we ever have a gig.

Of course she needs a name, Bernie seems appropriate, I have an old collegue named Bernie whith a cool fun personality, I wonder if the name will fit the bass's personality also...we'll see.


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