Tuesday, 14 August 2012

3 o'clock in the morning

well strictly speaking its 4 in the morning but BB didn't sing it that way.

Spent a fun productive slgihtly frustrating day tracking down some odd bugs, as always RTFM applies, the coord system of the PSM is different to what I am used to and a reversed y direction caused lots of odd problems.

in the end 1 line needed to be changed....1 line!! 1 fucking stupid line had to be reversed.

Ah well..I am delighted with the result now, the main gameplay feature of this game now works and can be expanded on to produce the final game.

I have a demo to produce on Thursday, so getting this fixed was a major thing...theres some issues with the way PSM does particles I have to fix but RTFM will probably sort that...trouble is the M is absolute pants...I need to work out a lot of it myself.

But now its time for bed...I can even close my eyes! To quote the great one!


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