Sunday, 19 August 2012 damn hot

Flaming typical, after a pretty awful summer holiday weather wise and my summer holiday and only real chance to top up on Vit D,  effectively lost after the split I have been avoiding rain and miserable weather for the whole 5 weeks or so.

But now, here we are at my last weekend and the sun is belting down, the whole county is basking in it, and I am sat here semi naked to keep cool in front of a compter screen hoping I can finish a delivery today so I can spend 10 mins to turn lobster read.

There is no justice.


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Anonymous said...

At least you are getting a little bit of sun. I got up this morning with a choice of doing a bit of gardening or hanging up some of my pictures.......I hung some pictures! It was too wet to get into the garden! Colin and family are in France and struggling with the heat. I have asked him to bring back a bit of the heatwave but don't think he will! I'm sitting here wearing a warm cardi! Says it all, I think!