Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Back in the saddle..yeahhawww

Well after a few years out of the commercial side of things, due to exhaustion, disillusion, family commitments, teaching  and plain old being seriously ill. I seem to have finally landed a commercial project.

I've been fishing about for a few weeks now, given my new single status I have time to spend on some smaller jobs. I had a couple of nibbles, but this week a perfect new project that will also help my "research" side of my school work has cropped up.

We've not signed anything yet but it seems to be on, given there's a tight deadline (as always) I need to make a start on it will we haggle over times/fees in the next few days but even so, I'm excited.

The new work only office is up nand running, though discovered last night I need to replace a memory module on the work Pc, but not a big issue.

A few days of research to get used to a new system then make a start on the proejct next week, hopefully contracts signed and kick off.

Money will be nice to have too, given the financial hit due to the seperation, this will even out the big dip I've had to take and get back to a nice level guitar buying normality.

Of course the nature of these things means I can't say a work about the project or platform for a while, but I will be keeping a record of the progress and publishing it when its possible. It'll provide some course material for teaching next year, and of course means I can put a more uptodate project on the CV.





Anonymous said...

All sounds very positive but please don't overwork yourself. That would not be good for your health but good luck with it.

Boring old Fart said...

Mum??? When did you turn Jewish??

I'm 48 maaaww

My health is fine and I have been coding all my adult life

now stop worrying and go make me a briskett!

(I know you wont get the Big Bang Theory references, but trust me its funny)