Tuesday, 11 September 2012


can't quite read the small print...0.1 or 0.2 ish..
yup...feeling shit, nose and eyes streaming, chest dry as a bone and totally sweating buckets
2 giant bottles of orange juice, 2 or was that 3 large whiskeys and 2 doses of beechams did nothing.

Tonight may be my last day on earth...manflu has struck and I'm on my own, my body may never be found.

Nah, some people would care enough to check on me...bring chicken soup and grapes...hmm?

Well I live in hope.

Going to mail in sick and not set the alarm, if I'm very very very lucky my last NyQuil, which I have been saving for months, the strongest cold relief known to man, might let me sleep it off....if I'm lucky.

On the plus side...I bought a footspa at the weekend, what better time to use it!!!

Jokes aside, I hate being sick, so really hope this is a 1 day/night thing and I am back to work asap. Though last time I had a cold it brought on a mother of a chest infection that needed 2 different mega inhalers to clear up....Going to stay in wrap up warm and not push things.


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