Thursday, 13 September 2012

Normal services resumed

I feel pretty rough today but my head is clear and aside from the rasping chest I've been left with it seems to have been a nice short form of flu...that or OD'ing on cold meds and orange juice and whiskey really does work.

Barring any relapses, I'll get back to work tomorrow and have a stay at home weekend to be sure.

As soon as I can get my aching bones downstairs to make some coffee and wake up a bit more, I'll get on with some coding work on my project,. fixing the damage I seem to do yesterday, and complete some class notes for work, as well as some admin the refuses to die!!



Anonymous said...

Flatulence is a medical state in which excess pressure buildup of stomach or intestinal gas occurs which can cause excessive bloating, discomfort, uneasiness and often times leads to increased burping or even passing of gas through rectum. The longer you hold it the smellier it gets. The normal production of gas in a human body is 1-3 pints per day and they pass it out approximately 14 times in a day which is considered healthier but if this number exceeds due to increased production of gas then that becomes a cause of concern and is known as a disease called Flatulence.

Boring old Fart said...

lol, at last, some useful spam!!

very apt for this blog.