Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bad Blogger I am

Work has been rather intense the last week, I missed an important deadline after having several major cock up with the SDK and my assets increasing is size dramatically. This meant a major re-work of code that I had 99% working and looking amazing on screen, but then had to strip back to barely seeing anything as I built a dynamic memory manager from scratch.

Its been one of the hardest tasks I've had to do on the PSM so far, not helped as usual by the lack of accurate documentation and several SDK bugs rearing their heads.But shout out to my student Mark, who is also doing PSM coding who pointed me in the direction of a couple of these issues that allowed me to keep my hair on my head when I was tempted to rip it out.

Today at last with 1 final big push I think I will have it working which represents a big hurdle cleared, and means also I can hand most of the work on this project over to the designers who can install maps into it without much input from me..assuming no more massive assets.

I'm looking forward to getting back to tinkering with things to enhance gameplay rather than this mainstream tech stuff.

Diet is on hold, not eating much at the moment as I spend all my time in front of the computer, but what I do eat is takeaway or I know its climbing up again...



the Gym is calling...

I'm not ignoring it for a bit longer.


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