Wednesday, 25 September 2013

dammit cold, bugger off

Aside from the gut wrenching pain of a break up, which is occupying my mind,  my insomnia is being seriously fuelled by the snotty cold from hell, with accompanying raw chest...I am so exhausted from lack of sleep and hacking cough, but here I am at 4.07am trying to keep myself amused and away from endless repeats of Graham Norton on The Comedy Channel.

I've looked at a few student projects who have asked for help, and have a few more I'll do tomorrow but I don't want to do any coding and have my mind racing for no good reason

Lucky I don't have class till the afternoon, and my colleagues will cover for me in game lab if I can't make it in at 9...which at this point seems pretty unlikely.

Beechams are helping though...It'd be full on man flu without them I fear.

oh well lets go see who's on Grahams sofa and try to drop off.


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