Saturday, 28 September 2013

Not quite the musical genius I thought

I was going to work on Abbas SOS this weekend, I've been practicing it for a few weeks and think I've got the right sound and tempo for it, but not quite worked out a decent way to loop was practicing some live playing/singing. It wasn't right but it was coming..

Events this week though have left me identifying too much with the lyrics ...that and the cold cracking my now sexy husky but totally useless for singing voice.. I'll leave it a few weeks.

Will just focus on practicing some band stuff, we were getting close to a cracking version of Man with the child in his eyes last week, I will try to get those chords in my fingers, the timing needs a singer though.

I also have to look forward to some nice cold showers as my flaming boiler has decided to give and sends an error to the display every time now, where a reset would fix it, now it refuses to reset...I think it just needs a service and bleeding out the air but its apparently no longer covered by the people who used to do it, so time to sort out a contract.


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