Saturday, 21 September 2013

Oh go on then,

I suppose I should post something, its been quite a while, but that's only due to being quite busy in the 1st few weeks uni with students. Lots of time sucking issues prepping classes and adapting to the new premises.

I am enjoying the new offices though, the space is nice and the programmers office has an air of calm around it which we never really had at Pakhuis.
My new Sony room is taking shape too, though I am short some monitors...but no worries we're expecting great things to happen here soon ;)

This years batch of 1st years are proving to be a lot of fun, as always a few are like rabbits in headlights with no idea what they are doing but they are starting to ask questions and not expecting knowledge to suddenly be poured into their brains.

I have an exciting though a little time sucking project to handle which has proven to be much more interesting than I originally thought.

As regular reader(s) will know I have an interest in string noise makers, and our Dean is aware of that shocking affliction.
She asked me to take charge of a room at the IGAD wing which is our dedicated music room. Its an expansion of our piano and guitar play area at Pakhuis.  Its a fair sized room plenty of space for people to come in, pick up a guitar or twiddle on the keys, on their own.....

But I wanted to make it a bit more, with more students in the building, we are now also in the same building as our sister faculty IMEM, there's a chance for those of a musical bent to get together and play, perhaps forming some cool new groups..

But its pretty hard to play as a band in an office area....unless of course you have a JamHub, like I do :D

It will allow a group to play in the room with only the singers causing any major noise issues...
I plan to put a JamHub in there, with the fantastic help and support of the people at JamHub who are helping us get the kit together.

I also got donations of instruments and other gear from various sources, especially students.
Budgets are stretched though so we need to source kit as cheap as possible, which certainly makes the project a challenge

But it looks like we're going to get there...I will document the progress, and hopefully get the room up and running after our Autumn holidays...stay tuned who knows we might see an IGAD/IMEM band in Hollands Got Talent soon as a result ;)


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