Saturday, 18 January 2014

89.7 Thats a surprise.

I must admit I thought I must have been up in the 95 range given how much plumper I look and feel..But really I've not put on any weight since my last attempt to look like an Adonis.

Oh well its still over what I should be by some margin, I need to drop 10-15 kilos and tone up.....hmmm easier said than done of course!

Ok well anyway 89.7 is the 1st weigh in....Lets get it down!



Mark Fisher said...

Get some Kettllebells Brian, they tone you up, improve strength and cardiovascular system, and burn calories like no ones business.
The good news is all of it can be done at hone, and all for just a 20 minute session of 30 seconds exercise, 30 seconds rest.
Then as you get fitter get heavier kettlebells. increase the workout time going up to 25 minutes, and decrease the rest time to 20 seconds.

Boring old Fart said...

Thanks Mark I'll mean actually exercise......

groan :(