Friday, 17 January 2014

Ok, so if I cancel the gym....I better get to grips with the fatbastardpretendingtobeslim problem

Its a little late for a new years resolution, but I guess its time to accept, that Brenda's occasional glances toward my bulging tum as I slouch on the couch are not looks of lust...

She's right I am piling on the kilo's. I've not weighed myself since the scales need new batteries, its that long since I used them..

But I am fully aware of the ever tightening teeshirts and even tighter jeans that I am getting fatter.

So..back on the diet...not the gym though really, I just can't deal with gyms.. I just got an Iphone on contract and promised I would cancel that dead weight payment every month to pay for it.

I will get myself a bit more mobile and start on my famous but very boring soup, bread and protein diet which if I keep it up always seems to work, it just gets very boring....

Its going to be harder than usual since I do most of the cooking for us, as Brenda burns water ;) but I have to cut back a lot on the intake.. Going to go shopping later for some dried soups, and some protein shakes and some chicken and steak. I know the low carb diets are a bit old fashioned but I always find they have results with me......

I'll pick up some batteries too and start taking notes on the weight and post.


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