Sunday, 12 January 2014

noodles and noodles of oodles

I must admit to being a bit disappointed with this, I liked the instrument sounds I got, but the vocals were just dreadful...I may go back to it sometime but my disappointment is pretty severe as I spent a long time getting this riff in my head and the tone, then my crappy vocals messed it up...maybe I can find a singing partner to let me focus on the playing....oh well here it is

I'm much happier with this weekends noodle though, even though for a simple song this also took a long time to get right, I was really not happy at all with my vocals on Street Spirit, so have been experimenting with more and more vocal settings...this is close, but not quite there, to what I want to achieve.

oh and staying in a capo mood...but with a banjo sound, I was messing with this.

I did get one perfect take...only to discove debut the video software here's a working version of Snowbird on a banjo...on a BANJO...crazy shit!!


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