Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Diet continues but nothing to report yet...

No weight lost as such to report yet, its still early...I wanted to make more effort to get to the gym but something else is getting in the way...

I've had tennis elbow, or brachial neuralgia for a while now, it comes and goes but certainly it comes more than it goes.

Brenda has been on at me to go to the doctors, which in my usual, don't like doctors, I've avoided doing, since there really is nothing much that can be done, rest and keep it mobile....and I can do that without having a doctor tell me to do that.

But I had to give in and book an appointment, the pain multiplied by a factor of 10 today as the base of my bicep felt like it was about to explode....never felt anything quite like it. So even if he tells me to rest it but keep it mobile, I can at least ask him for some horse strength painkillers to avoid the agony I was in an hour or so ago... double dose of Ibuprofen has taken the edge of it but wow it still hurts.

Seeing doc on Thursday.

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