Saturday, 2 August 2014

The internet is full of sickness and stupidity

Its a bit of a shock to the system, when you realize how easy people can be manipulated, twisted and desensitized to the world they live in.

Ask any Daily Mail reader what the no1 problem in the UK is and more than likely it'll be the EU or immigration, though it does rather depend on when you ask them, it might be GMO's and cancer next week. They'll trot out this weeks reason to rant at the drop of a hat but seldom give you any actual facts beyond, I know a mate who knew.....and heres a graph that shows it...all unverified.

The media manipulates and alters opinions constantly, in some ways that's not a bad thing if it educates and informs you towards a viewpoint you had not considered, but more often than not it just indoctrinates and brainwashes you to see their particular viewpoint.

For whatever reason, I have spent most of my life struggling with seeing  both sides of a story, I'm easily swayed by fact, and occasionally opinion, of those I trust, but mostly facts.

I read the news voraciously, its part of the reason I'm shit hot at trivia quizzes...I digest news, I digest facts and I form options based on those facts, not on the views the suppliers of some of those facts want me to share.

I can spot blatant propaganda bullshit on Russian media,Chinese media,  US media (dear god, the bullshit is strong with those people), and also sadly in UK media,  bullshit radiates with flies hovering about and I just know when something isn't right.

When all said and done, if someone tells you something and a little voice in your head that true? There is never any harm in checking it out....when you then discover its not true, or its been exaggerated or somehow undermined by emotive or misleading language, you can assess how much of the bullshit might be worth taking on board.

Recently I have come to realize, my surprisingly keen insight into the world as it truly is,  is not shared by the rest of you mere mortals....this as always, causes me to I the one who's seeing things wrong...let me check...nope...let me check again and again...time and again I keep seeing the same thing...people taking a view, mostly indefensible, and then defend it....with faulty logic, faulty facts, hearsay, rumor,  and then sometimes just plain old stubbornness again.

They seek out confirmations of their views, but only their views, and proudly wave them at me as if this incredible find from a source that gave them their views in the 1st place is the only source worth using..

But what about this, these, all these contrary viewpoints, with evidence and facts....bias propaganda they say, ignoring the irony that all they are spouting is the opposing propaganda....No one wants to see the truth in the middle, because that means admitting you are wrong.....I don't mind doing that...when I am wrong...I really don't. It's just that is not very often, because I take time to form my views by looking at both sides and I am always open to change that view, always....that puts me in conflict sometimes with both sides...but shit happens.
I can't help but question something I perceive as a lie, sometimes its because I want that lie explained to me, in case its true....and then when I realize its not, I try to show that...but no one really wants to listen. Sometimes its because I have read some trivia new story which has tucked away in the back of my mind and I know the resulting fable needs to be exposed...once I've checked it a bit more.

People guard their views strongly, its theirs, you can't have it, and there's nothing you can give them that will change it..even truth. Because your truth is not a truth they want to accept.

I've seen this a lot recently, I've sunk a little into a abyss and slowly climbing out of it, but finding so much about the world and the people in it to be hard to take. There is some amazingly blinkered and irrational viewpoints in the world. I know everyone is different, but why do so many have to be so blinkered and downright stupid that they refuse to do that little bit of self doubt that makes them check the other side.

There's far too much hate in the world and all it really needs to combat it is just to think about the other viewpoint...can you be wrong?

The world is a very very scary place right now, I wonder if we'll make it through the next 20 years without mushroom clouds.


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