Saturday, 16 August 2014

Need a holiday to recover from the holiday

Its been a fun 2 weeks, only 2 more days to go before we have to return to the Netherlands in the small hours.
I have lots of pics to post when I get home, but there just isn't the bandwidth here for much more than a simple text post so I'll keep you waiting.

It has been tiring though, trying to fit in a lot of things while struggling with the 30-35degree heat is no easy task, we've found ourselves sleeping in a lot and only coming alive in the evenings.
I got burned a few times, but am now pretty brown..

Funds have  been a little low on this trip so improvising things as we go. which does not really fit in well with Brenda's everything must be planned, and my lets just wing it, mind-sets, but apart from a bit of grumpiness we've managed to reach agreements and fit in a few nice trips and events.

The SeaCat trip in particular was lovely even though I screwed up totally and went to the wrong pickup points which meant Brenda had to call up and do some re-arranging to get a new booking. The plus side is we got to see a lovely sunset at sea since we have an evening trip rather than a morning one.

Yesterday we rented a car for 3 days to let us get out and about a bit more, but the trip inland and back left us bought with mega headaches, possibly from the thin air as well as exposure to the sun...despite a very interesting visit to an aboriginal canarian settlement/exhibition. Some stunning views too of course. But unlike my last trip inland a few yeas back I didn't take quite so many photo's so the mysterious lines will have to remain a mystery.

That headache did put a bit of a damper on my visit to my favourite Canarian steak house, but the succulent char grilled Tbone steak was still devoured and Brenda enjoyed the fillet Strogonoff.. Before we had to retire home to find a lack of paracetamol and no way to buy any.. Only Farmacia's can sell them.
Lucky for us after a bit of a rummage in the tardis of Brenda's bag we found a strip and managed to tame the worst of the headaches so we could sleep... It was pretty bad.

We're planning a trip to a cave based Canarian restaurant later for a nice meal and hopefully a few more events before home time...

Harvey has had a bit of a rough time though his dog sitter had to take him to the vet as he seemed to have problems with his anal glands....she said he was too fat for her to clean them out..oops... I will call later to find out. Financially it could not have been a worse time for vets fees but we'll have to work something out, his health is important to us, but I just can't do much about it while I am 2000odd miles away.

I have to go straight back to work, when I get back...and also straight into rehearsals as I have gigs due with both bands, especially a last minute Starrcase gig on the 30th... hope I don't fall asleep in the middle of my numbers :


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