Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Diet..yes really.

No, this time I mean it
I dunno who that fat slowly browning beached whale was that Brenda was taking snaps of on our hols but I certainly don't want to see any more pics like that

I've been paying for the gym membership for years now and not using it, so it is time to make something of it...Diet and gym, I plan to lose 10Kg, I will do a weigh in tonight.

I also need to go see the doc about my tennis elbow issues, as it will no doubt get aggravated by the gym work, but this has to be done... I have slowly let myself go to ruin and its got to be fixed.

Holiday was good in terms of weather but I have to say Gran Canaria has kinda lost its appeal now, The weather is all you can say is good about it. There was a lot of closed shops and a sense of decay about the place which it seems they have compensated for by vastly increasing the cost of everything.. We struggled quite badly with money despite having more than I've taken the last few times I went and that made some things hard. Food and drink in particular were much more expensive and not always worth the price...
So its adios to GC for me I think.. I've had many happy happy times there but the honeymoon is over

But its back to work now...Time to get things ready for the new group of 1st years..yeahhhh

Being a teacher means I can make fresh starts twice a year....:)



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