Saturday, 6 August 2016

A picture paints a thousand words :D

After a bit of a search I finally found a way to grab screenshots on the Raspberry Pi. This finally means a lot of my entries in the book can now be completed. That really does make a big difference now, I can show steps in images on screen. and of course that pushes the page count up quite a bit now, so I'm really pleased that things are starting to move foward on that front, I was pissed at not being able to show screen shots of the Pi side...but that's done

The games are still taking too long to get in a clean and easy format to start, add to, and then finish. So that time sink still exists. But I am pleased now that the content can finally move on with the images to explain the text.

I've got about 6 games all done and playing, with various levels of completeness.

Still 6 more to go, and only a few weeks left.....will have to keep my nose on the grindstone.


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