Friday, 12 August 2016

Aaaand Breathe


After an absolutly cracking week of steam rolling productivity, I find myself dead in the water, no insperation to work, no insperation to write, other than put to todo's on the whiteboard.

I think I need to reset my body block, and get back to sleeping at nights and try to work again in the morning.

On the good news side, my cheque cleared, bank took 52 euros for the privilidge, but oh well, its nice. It can go straight to the credit card to knock that back again after a teeny bit of abuse in London.

Better to knock it down and pay bit less interest than spend it on wind women and pork pies..

hmmm pork pies!

Danni, sent me an amazing video of Harvey2 now getting onto his feet with the aid of a tv unit. Such a lovley thing to see, he's progressing really fast 9months and standing :D

oh well. I'll go watch one of my movies upstairs to chillax and drink a lot to aid sleep

what can go wrong?


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