Monday, 8 August 2016

Ultimate laziness

I have not hoovered my house in over a year, well the stairs a couple of times but thats it. Why? Becuase I have a Roomba, I love my Roomba, it went a bit funny on me last week, due to getting clogged up, but a strip down and clean and its back to work.

I have it set up to run twice a week, and on my hardwood and tile floors in the kitchen thats all it needs The house is dust free and clean without any effort from me.
I love that!

But even though taking it up stairs is not a massive hassle,  I tend not to. I like the automation of the system.  Its set up and forget, aside from the once a month empty and clean process. I'd conisderd buying another one for upstairs, but at 600-700euros  for a new Roomba it seemed to be madness, even for me.

So I  have bought a cheap chinese clone, which incidendly also does mopping :D Anyway, its really cheap so I'm going to set it up to do the upstairs once a week, which will keep the buildup of dust and dog hair that tends to accumulate upstaris. I doubt it will be as reliable as my roomba, but its not being asked to do as much so it should be good to go. it will also encourage me to pick up my dirty socks


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