Saturday, 27 August 2016

Da puddin's are in da house

My new/old band have had our 1st gig only a month or so after finalising the lineup. A birthday party for about 40 people, not a massive crowd but we still got the whole live gig expereince, and we fecking Rocked...

Was so nice, I had to do quite a bit of singing as Rosemarie has not learned all the songs yet but I actually got complimented on my singing....I was mega chuffed to hear that.
Rosemarie's vocals are amazing, and when her co lead singer Helen joins us after the vacation we'll have 2 awesome leads, I mean awesom, so I can back off and pick a few choice songs that I can do well. I don't mind singing as much as I used to, I think I''ve improved a huge amount, but its clear when we have singers like Rosemarie and Helen up front, there's no sense in me doing mroe than a couple of blues numbers.

What a fun fun gig, so easy and calm, even with a few errors, and false starts...So very please

now, that's cheered me up after a slow week with rows and hassle... Once I get the car unloaded I can chill, and ger ready for the week to come.

Can't wait for Mondays rehearsal with the full crew



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