Sunday, 29 January 2017

Feeling better take 2

Ok, trying again, the little relapse only lasted 48hrs, and have been safe and warm at home, finally making a start on catching up on all the lost work.

My only issue now seems to be absurd sleeping habits, like tonight, after about 4 hours of coding,  I went to have a little lie down at 8pm as I was feeling tried, and figured a 30 mins snooze would not hurt.

I keep forgetting that snoozing when you live alone with no one to give you a nudge in 30 mins isn't a great idea.

So 4am, I am awake and wondering what to do with the early morning.

Work of course..But at least I am starting to get back into a flow, very slowly, but a few pages added to the book, and a 3D project starting to make sense.

Only one thing is bothering me...I really am starting to dislike my office chair, its one of those mesh chairs, solid enough but for the time I spend sitting in it, it does not feel nice..I don't get the sense that its making me want to sit for 8+ hours.

I was in Makro today and tried out a really awesome leather (maybe fake) chair...but at 150 ex vat, its a lot of cash.......

am I just making excuses? or will a couple of cushions solve the problem...time to get a couple of cushions and see...

....time passes

hmm cushion works quite well, think I just needed by bum raised a couple of inches higher than the chair could do.


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