Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I think its over..

3 days with no major cough fits, and I am starting to regain some energy...I think it over, the odd cleansing cough aside...

That... was....fucking....terrible

A month, a whole month and a few days,  lost to being ill, is it age that causes that? I eat and live quite healthy, a little overweight sure, but ...a month to get over a flu and chest infection!!.

horrible, horrible time, and its cost me so much work, I did almost nothing on the book, as my brain didn't connect to my fingers, missed several rehearsals with both bands, in fact...this will tell you how bad it was, I barely even touched a guitar....something I normally do every day, but there were days when I just had no desire.

I've lost so much momentum on the book, but other things have to come into focus now, I got behind on student feedback, and on some of my smaller projects. Also there's no food in the house, aside from a couple of weeks of freezer lottery, I haven't had a major shopping spree for provisons and tinned/dry goods, has to be done soon.

Time to try to get into the zone again...if I can. Start small, do little things to completion and gather up a head of steam\

Watch out world, I'm coming back.......maybe


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