Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Oh dear....I have how much insurance?

Not as much as I thought...I honestly thought I had 1000 euro cover....dunno why I had that number in my head but that's what I thought I had... Its a shame I thought that, because if I had thought a much lower number I don't think I would have asked for such expensive treatments and would not have to worry about paying out a lot of dental bills.

Yup, I had 250 cover...and the bills are already up in the 800+ with at least another 150 to go.


Can't upgrade it till 1st Jan 2018 either so nothing I can really do but take the hit, get the teeth fixed and limp on till payday a whole month away.

Anyone have some nice noodle recipes?

I can cover it, though I have some heavy expenses this month to deal with too, fortunately I have been saving up the pennies and can take some of the hit on the chin. But economy drive has to kick in, no more Grand Cru Champagne and 1000 euro a night hookers for me.. back to cider and grab a granny nights

Good job the freezer is full of food cooked and uncooked, and I have arranged to work from home for the next week or 2 to finish the book, this means I won't be spending money on bad sausage rolls in the canteen though I might have to stock up on coffee.

Damn dentistry is expensive.

Never mind, back to the book, I'm in a final fix up and edit phase, as well as a couple of projects needing polish ready to go onto a support site I still have to get up and running....hmmm better get off here and back to it.


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