Friday, 31 March 2017

Oh fuck me....I thought I was good at this shit.

20 hours, 20 bloody hours hunting for a strange weird bug, 20 hours, no matter what I did I could not find it, I was certain I'd put the right things in the right order, and comparing them with another project doing more or less the same thing.... it should have didn't

in the end it was a typo, noting major but it stopped all my rendering from working..
see if you can spot it.

    dst_rect.x = 16;
    dst_rect.y = 16;
    dst_rect.width = p_state->width;
    dst_rect.height = p_state->height;

    src_rect.x = 16;
    src_rect.y = 16;
    src_rect.width = p_state->width << 16;
    src_rect.height = p_state->height << !6;      

    dispman_display = vc_dispmanx_display_open(0);
    dispman_update = vc_dispmanx_update_start(0);

yup.....I'm well pissed off.


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