Thursday, 13 April 2017

to sleep perchance to dream

Massive massive amounts of work done this week and last, but this week in particular, huge amount of writing and coding, but still not able to nail the coffin lid down on 2 projects...but the big project, the book, has been given another small extentions, so tonight I don't see the need to work til 4/5am though I probably will

Got a nice long weekend to come up now for Easter, thank you jeebuz.. and hopefully I can finally finish the Coleco game and complete the last 3 projects on the book. they have all been written and work fine, but I need to condense the descriptions into 1 section. I compressed 3 2d examples into one and it saves a load of pages, though it did take a while to code..

Anway....aside from a trip to Amsterdam tomorrow, I don' t need to set any alarms when I finally collapse in bed.


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