Friday, 17 October 2008

is that it?

That was my weeks holiday? Wow that flew by fast, I spent most of it sleeping, playing games and just chillin', with short bouts of decorating to avoid the boredom.

Hmmm this holiday lark is quite relaxing but certainly leaves you with lots of dead time, I'm just not used to that. For years and years I've occupied myuself with programming or game play (for research of course) to an almost obsessive level which isn't good for me. So now having to find something to do else is quite tricky...Yes I could just program again and I confess to a little bit this week, but spending all day in front of a screen is not what I want to do anymore.

I revisited my misspent youth playing pool with Steve from work. Which was fun. But I think my pool hustler days are long gone. Really it was an excuse to go out and drink...hmmm yes I can see that being a problem given my rapid increase in red win consumption of late.

Anyway Bina and the mob will be decending next week so am really looking forward to that and I'll try to avoid drinking to much :)


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